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SOTS collaborates and assist individuals and organizations with developing and implementing trainings for practitioners, groups, and organizations to learn about spiritual abuse, trauma informed ministry techniques, and other issues pertaining to theology, faith, polity, justice, and spirituality.  With this service, we assist with conceptualizing and designing creative educational opportunities to addess their community education needs.



SOTS offers introductory trainings and workshops to various audiences about spiritual abuse and trauma, theological formation and reconfigurations, and topics pertaining to theological and ecclesial development and discernment.

In addition, SOTS is open to faciliating custom workshops pertaining to learning about spiritual abuse, trauma informed ministry techniques, and other issues pertaining to theology, church polity, ministerial and communal ethics, and other topics in faith and spirituality. 



This service is offered to spiritual pratictioners, governing body members of faith communities, and faith-informed community leaders who desire to have insight regarding issues pertaining to poverty, sexuality, community building, and other social justice causes. SOTS will provide support and resources to help leaders become equip in discussing various topics and implementing policies that provide safe spaces for populations traditionally injured within ecclesial settings.

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SOTS offers sessions for survivors of spiritual trauma, individuals experiencing faith shifts, or faith practitioners looking to reclaim their spirituality and begin to conceptualize their personal faith journey in the midst of their experiences. This service is also extended to individuals interested in processing through their spiritual journeys in order to assess the effects of their histories on their spiritual life/leadership. 

Each spiritual coaching and counseling session is tailored made to the needs of the person. We offer a variety of tools and resources  to aid in the dismantling and reconstruction of a person's spiritual beliefs and practices. 



SOTS will offer weekend retreats for folks seeking to deepen their journeys of spiritual trauma recovery and prevention. These offerings will provide individuals who desire to explore and unpack their formal experiences in religious structures and engage in therapeutic exercises to continue their journies in wellness and recovery. 

Each retreat will be open to a targeted group and interested individuals will apply to attend. Interested participants should check the event page for more information as they develop. 

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